Mike Ford Wedding Photography | Photo Booth

All photo booths are not equal

I would consider myself a bit of a photo booth coinsure… After using dozens of different photo booths it became clear to me that the best person to offer a photo booth is a photographer! I truly believe my photo booth is the best and here is why:


Nearly every photo booth offered by DJ companies uses a $20 LED light that is mounted directly above the camera. This setup is great if your goal is to make people’s skin look as shiny as possible. It also makes people’s skin look “pail”. In my photo booth, I use the same lights that I use in my studio!


Camera and lens:

This might sound funny but: I use an actual camera with a lens. The majority of photo booths use an iPad mounted in a fancy metal enclosure! The quality of images that come from an iPad cannot compare to a professional camera... especially when the images are printed larger.




The type of prints that you want are the ones that look and feel like prints from Walgreens. This type of print is different from the kind you get from your inkjet printer at home because they are: instantly dry, will not smudge, does not need time to dry and are produced extremely fast. For the nerds, the type of printer I use is called: dye-sublimation printer.



I use a giant 22” touch screen that is extremely easy to use. Simply touch the screen and it will count down 3…2…1 and take the photo. Guests can then can choose to: take another photo, print 1 or 2 copies, email it to any email address, or have it sent to their phone viva text message!!!






Custom everything:

The options for customization is nearly limitless but here are a few:

-print layouts: whole page, strips, or really anything

-graphics: We can design custom text, graphics or themes to go onto the prints

-backdrops: I typically use a 10-foot white backdrop but that doesn’t mean you have to


What you get

- basic guest book, backdrop and some props 

- up to 5 hours of a technician to make sure that everything is running smoothly (Additional hours can be bought)

- Unlimited printing while the photo booth is running

- Digital copies of every image after the wedding

- Online gallery after the wedding where guests can order prints



Below are a few “unfiltered” galleries: